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Subject: IETF Social Announcement
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I've attached a copy of the IETF social announcement.  The social will be
on Monday evening.  The TSIG no-host will be Weds. evening.

I'm debating about going to the IETF social.  They are usually good fun,
food and conversation, but, the $38 is a little bit higher than 
I've seen in the past.  I'm interested in hearing who else from TSIG
is considering going; that may help me make up my mind.

Jeff Edelheit           email:
The MITRE Corporation   voice:  (703) 883-7586 
7525 Colshire Drive     FAX:    (703) 883-1397 
McLean, VA   22102

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Subject: IETF Social for July
Date: Mon, 18 May 92 15:41:28 -0400

                    B I T S   A N D   B I T E S

            The IETF Social in Cambridge, Massachusetts

                      Monday, 13 July 1992

                        7:00 to 10:00 PM

The Monday night social event has become an enjoyable tradition at
plenary meetings of the Internet Engineering Task Force. The upcoming
plenary meeting in Cambridge during the week of 13--17 July will
continue that tradition.

Our social event for July should combine a pleasant evening of eating
and socializing with the opportunity to admire and play with the
artifacts of our computing and networking history. The venue for our
gathering will be

                         The Computer Museum

                         300 Congress Street

                        Boston, Massachusetts

Arrangements have been made for exclusive enjoyment of the museum by
those stepping out with us on Monday evening. Every nook and cranny of
this extensive collection of computing artifacts, interactive
exhibits, and nostalgic memorabilia will be open for view. Wandering
through this maze of familiar and unfamiliar computing technology with
new friends and old should be educational, relaxing, and fun.

But because all this fun can make a person hungry, arrangements have
also been made for refreshments to sustain us as we confabulate and
explore. Ample quantities of hors d'ouevres, finger foods, and edibles
of several kinds will be laid on at the museum to fortify us during
our visit.  A full cash bar will also be available.

Sound too good to miss? We think so, too. To join your IETF friends in
what promises to be a delightful evening, please return the attached
registration form to the indicated address. The cost of this outing to
enthusiasts who register and pre-pay on or before June 15, 1992, will
be a modest 38 dollars per person. For those whose enthusiasm peaks
only as the occasion draws very near, the cost will be a somewhat less
modest 43 dollars per person.

Although the cost of this outing (for enthusiasts) is just a tad more
than that for previous IETF socials, we hope you won't thereby think
less of us as hosts and will correctly attribute any difference to the
high cost of Boston living.

We look forward to your company on Monday night!

Lisa, Ted, and Chuck
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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- -------------------------------------------------------

                        Registration Form
                    B I T S   A N D   B I T E S
            The IETF Social in Cambridge, Massachusetts
                      Monday, 13 July 1992
                        7:00 to 10:00 PM

Your Name:

- -------------------------------------------------------------

Your Mailing Address:

- -------------------------------------------------------------

- -------------------------------------------------------------

Your Electronic Mail Address:

- ------------------------------------------

Menu Preferences:

While we cannot guarantee individuals a particular menu, this
information may help us to lay the table in closer concert with our
guests' preferences. Check the relevant box(es):

[    ] I like lots of vegetables.

[    ] I don't like dairy products.

[    ] I eat anything.

Payment Options:

Please check those that apply and remit the total. Make checks payable
to "M. I. T. -- IETF Social Account." Attendance is limited to the
first 200 pre-paid registrations. Information on transportation to
the Museum is attached.

[    ] Enthusiastic Pre-payment Option (before 15 June 1992)  $ 38.00

[    ] Latecomer Payment Option (after 15 June 1992)            43.00

[    ] Optional Round-trip Charter Bus Transportation            8.00
       (See below for more details regarding options
       for transportation to the Computer Museum.)


Please return this form, together with your payment to the address
below. We are not equipped to honor credit cards, major or otherwise.
Receipts and admission credentials will be distributed at the IETF

IETF Social Registration
M.I.T. Laboratory for Computer Science, NE43-508
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

                   Getting To and From

                   The Computer Museum

                   300 Congress Street

                  Boston, Massachusetts

The Institute and the conference hotel for the July IETF meeting are
located in Cambridge.  The Computer Museum is located in Boston, a
nearby suburb of Cambridge. There are several ways to get from the
conference hotel to the museum and back again.

(1) The Computer Museum may be reached by private or rented
automobile.  However, on-street parking for private automobiles is
very limited near the Computer Museum.  Driving and parking in Boston
is an acquired taste, not necessarily recommended to visitors.

(2) The Computer Museum may be reached via the public transit system
("The T"). The museum is conveniently located about 2-3 blocks from
the South Station subway stop on the Red Line. The subway station that
is closest to the conference hotel is the Kendall Square station
(where Charlie paid his dime, as the song says). The subway ride is
only 3 stops (no changes).

The Hyatt runs a free shuttle van between the conference hotel and the
Kendall Square T station. For guests at the alternate hotel (the
Marriot), the T station is just outside the door. Although it may have
cost Charlie a dime to ride the T, it will cost you $1.70 round-trip.

It is also possible to walk between the Kendall Square T station and
the Hyatt hotel, although this course is for the more vigorous. The
route traverses the entire M.I.T.  campus and requires perhaps 20
minutes.  Maps will be available at the IETF meeting.

(3) The Computer Museum may be reached by taxi. The going rate from
the conference hotel to the museum is about eight or nine dollars, one

(4) The Computer Museum may be reached by chartered bus, arranged by
your hosts at M.I.T. Bus transportation between the Hyatt hotel and
the museum will be arranged for those who pre-register and pre-pay for
this extra (and optional!) service. The cost is 8.00 per person (see
registration form). The bus service will be more or less continuous,
so that, to some limited extent, subscribers of the bus service will
be able to arrive and depart as they please.

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