July 1992 Joint IETF/TSIG Meeting Announcement

"(Jeffrey A. Edelheit)" <edelheit@smiley.mitre.org> Thu, 14 May 1992 22:24 UTC

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Subject: July 1992 Joint IETF/TSIG Meeting Announcement
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IETF has graciously extended its hospitality to the TSIG and has
arranged for TSIG working groups (both joint IETF/TSIG WGs and just
TSIG WGs) to use IETF meeting rooms at the July 13-17 IETF meeting to
be held in Cambridge, MA.

As discussed and agreed on at the last TSIG meeting held at Silicon
Graphics, ALL TSIG attendees will need to register with the IETF and
pay the appropriate fee.  A copy of the second IETF logistics note is
attached.  Make sure that you read the logistics note carefully.  If
you have any questions about the logistics, pls. contact the IETF as
discussed at the bottom of the note.  If you have any questions that
do not relate to the logistics note, please ask me and I'll see if I
can answer the question.


Jeff Edelheit		email:  edelheit@mitre.org
The MITRE Corporation	voice:  (703) 883-7586
7525 Colshire Drive	FAX:	(703) 883-1397
McLean, VA   22102

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Dear IETFers:

This is the SECOND mailing of logistics for the upcoming IETF
(July 13-17, 1992/Boston).  You should READ THIS CAREFULLY
as there are a number of important items.  Please direct any
questions to ietf-rsvp@nri.reston.va.us.  Changes to the previous
mailing are indicated by: ****

Included in this mailing are the following:

1.  AT-A-GLANCE SHEET :  A one page write-up of pertinent information
                         (i.e., Dates, Registration Info., Hotel,
                         Airline, Shuttle, etc.)

2.  REGISTRATION FORM :  We will accept payment by credit card and/or
                         check. Please be sure to read the form carefully
                         and provide complete information.


1.  REGISTRATION: Your REGISTRATION Form must be ***postmarked*** no later
    than June 12th, in order for you to qualify for the $130.00 
    registration fee.  Your payment MAY, but DOES NOT have to accompany 
    the FORM.  Any Registration Forms postmarked after June 12th will, 
    without exception, require payment of $150.00. 

2.  HOTELS: Please make your hotel reservations immediately, space is 
    limited and Boston will be hosting the Tall Ships during this time.
    I would encourage you to make reservations even if you are uncertain
    as to the exact dates you will be attending the IETF.  Please keep in 
    mind that it is far easier to cancel reservations, than it is to find a 
    room at the last minute. The Hyatt Regency Cambridge will charge one
    nights room rate plus tax if you do not cancel your reservations
    prior to 6:00pm on the date of confirmed arrival.


A reminder that the quality of these meetings (and in
particular the Working Group technical *working* sessions) is
dependent upon the informed, constructive participation of the
individual attendees.  Please come prepared.

Information on the current status and progress of the individual
Working Groups can be obtained in several ways:

1. Working Group objectives and notes from previous sessions are 
   available online (send to ietf-info@nri.reston.va.us for retrieval 

2. Working Group objectives and notes from previous meetings are 
   also reproduced in the hardcopy Proceedings (to order, send to 

3. Agendas and reading lists for Working Group meetings will also be 
   posted to the respective Working Group mailing lists.

GET "1wg-summary.txt". 


The Fall IETF is scheduled for November 16-20, 1992 in Washington, DC.  
Our local host is U.S. Sprint.  The  Spring 1993 IETF will be held in
Columbus, Ohio, March 29th - April 2nd.  Our Local Hosts will be 
OARnet and The Ohio State University.

24th INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE	     Mailing Date  : 5/14/92   
AT-A-GLANCE				     Mailing Number: 2 

DATES: July 13-17, 1992                      HOST(S): James Davin 
                                                 Jeffrey Schiller 
		                                 Massachusettes Institute of

HOTEL/MEETING SITE: Hyatt Regency Cambridge
                     Overlooking Boston 
                    575 Memorial Drive 
                    Cambridge, MA 02139 
                    Phone: (617) 492-1234 {fax: (617) 491-6906}
		    CI 4:00 p.m.; CO 12:00 p.m. 
                    250 Rooms reserved until June 12, 1992
                    $99.00/single; $99.00/double (please add 9.7% tax)
                    Specify: IETF or 24th Internet Engineering Task Force  

ALTERNATE ACCOM:*   The Inn at Harvard
                    1201 Massachusetts Avenue (Harvard Square)
                    Cambridge, MA 02138
                    Phone (617) 491-2222 {fax: (617) 496-5020}
                    CI 3:00 p.m.; CO 12:00 p.m.
                    20 Rooms reserved until June 12, 1992
                    $105/single; $105/double (please add 9.7%tax)
                    Specify: GC-INTER 

                    The Royal Sonesta
                    5 Cambridge Parkway
                    Phone (617) 491-3600 {fax: (617) 661-5956}
                    10 Rooms reserved until June 12, 1992
                    $120 (single/double)
                    Specify: IETF Group
PRE-REGISTRATION:   Sunday, July 12, 1992 
		    6pm - 8pm (reception during)
                    Hyatt Regency Cambridge 
                    Room: TBD 

REGISTRATION:	    Monday, July 13, 1992 
                    8am - 9am 
                    Hyatt Regency Cambridge 
                    Room: TBD 

ATTENDANCE FEE:     PAYMENT BY: Credit Card or Check  
	            $130.00 if received BY June 12, 1992  
	 	    $150.00 if received AFTER June 12, 1992 

AIRLINE:            United Airlines (special rate roundtrip only)
                    1 (800) 521-4041 Meeting ID: 514VS (IETF)
                    We regret that discounted fares are not 
                    available for international flights.

CAR RENTAL:         Hertz Discounts available through United. 
AIRPORT:	    Logan International Airport 
PARKING:            Hyatt Regency: $12/day for guests 

                            REGISTRATION FORM
             24th Internet Engineering Task Force - Page 1 of 2
                          July 13 - 17, 1992   
                               Boston, MA   

Please print or type:

Name (Mr/Dr/Ms)__________________________________________________________




City_______________________________State______________Zip Code___________



Please check a) and b) below so we can identify your organization type and

a)  Organization Type  ___HW/SW Vendor  ___Government  ___Network Provider

                       ___University  ___Other (_______________________)

b)  Your interest in 24th IETF Meeting:  ___Network Operator                 

                       ___Network User  ___Product Developer  ___Researcher

                       ___Other (________________)

Do you plan to attend the Sunday, July 12, 1992 evening reception? 
    YES___   NO___

$130.00 Registration postmarked no later than June 12, 1992 (emailed 
forms must reflect a date no later than June 12, 1992). 

$150.00 ($130.00 + $20.00 late fee) Registration postmarked after 
June 12, 1992.

Method of payment:  ___AMEX  ___VISA  ___MC  ___Diners  ___Check enclosed  

                    (U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. Bank), payable to:
                    Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Account No.____________________________ Expiration Date__________________

Cardholder Signature_____________________________________________________

Please return a copy of the Registration Form today to take advantage of 
the reduced rate of $130.00.  Registration Forms can be sent via electronic 
mail, facsimile, or postal mail:

	Electronic:  ietf-rsvp@nri.reston.va.us
	Facsimile:   +1-703-620-0913
	Postal:      Corporation for National Research Initiatives
        	     Accounting Department - 24th IETF Meeting
	     	     1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 100
        	     Reston, VA 22091-5434  USA

                              REGISTRATION FORM
                 24th Internet Engineering Task Force - Page 2 of 2
                              July 13 - 17, 1992
                                  Boston, MA  


     1.   Advance Registrations must be postmarked no later than 
          June 12, 1992.
     2.   Register ONE person per form.  Substitutions are NOT allowed.  
     3.   Purchase orders are NOT accepted. 
     4.   DD Form 1556 IS accepted. 
     5.   Request for refunds must be received by July 10, 1992.
     6.   Refund policy:  Refunds are subject to a $20.00 service charge.   
                          Late fees will not be refunded. 
     7.   Your registration fee includes a copy of the Meeting's Proceedings,
		Sunday evening reception (cash bar), daily continental
                breakfasts and coffee breaks.
For additional information or assistance, please contact +1-703-620-8990, 
+1-703-620-0913 (Fax) or ietf-rsvp@nri.reston.va.us.  Direct all inquiries 
to:  24th IETF Meeting - Boston.