Trusted Sessions docs Sat, 30 May 1992 15:33 UTC

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>>> Submissions to the tsig list:
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I have just sent the following documents to the TSIG Archive:

   Title:  Trusted Sessions Working Group April 1992 Minutes
   Name:   minutes.9204.PS
   Doc#:   TSIG-TSESS-7-1.0

   Title:  The Framework for Trusted Sessions Protocols
   Name:   framework.PS
   Doc#:   TSIG-TSESS-1-1.1

As you probably noticed, these documents are in PostScript format.
Please send mail to if you want to view either of
these documents but cannot print PostScript files.  (The reason I
provided the documents in PostScript form is that the tables of
phone numbers and diagrams of protocol information are much easier
to produce and to read.)

TSWG participants:  please send me any corrections to the minutes,
and I will incorporate them, as appropriate, into an updated version
that will have the same title but doc# TSIG-TSESS-7-1.1.

Bill Griffeth
Chair, Trusted Sessions Working Group
UNIX System Laboratories