Re: Whois Implementations

Martin Hamilton <> Wed, 08 September 1993 18:37 UTC

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> Martin Hamilton <>
> whois++ ->

The Adelaide implementation is a gateway into X.500 via the LDAP
and Quipu/ISODE - contact Mark Prior <>

My Perl version is coming along nicely, though I've abandoned WAIS
in favour of a home-brew full-text engine ;-)


PS I can't seem to find the "help" template - perhaps because it's
not been written up yet?!?  Is Rickard's interpretation (see below)
acceptable to everyone? ...

  Template-Type:  HELP
  Handle:         HELP01
  Subject:  HELP
  Helptext: This is an experimental whois++ server.
            See available commands with "commands".
            More help is available for some commands with "help <command>".
            For help on searching, use "help search"
            (You can keep the connection from being closed with the "hold"
            This server responds to centroid commands.