Request for Whois

Francisco Mori Leandro <> Fri, 08 October 1993 17:46 UTC

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From: Francisco Mori Leandro <>
Subject: Request for Whois
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1993 10:25:29 -0400
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     Good morning,
                    I'm writing from Peru, my interest is getting a Whois Server
for a Sparc Classic (Sun4m) with Solaris 2.1 (SVR4), I got Whois++ but I don't
have X.500 protocol and LDAP libraries either; so I was suggested write you
I ask for a "native" Whois. Although we don't have yet direct conection to
INTERNET we'll like to do the respective test under Peruvian net because we'll
soon have TCP/IP.
                    I'll really obliged if you could help me telling me where
I can ftp-ed to some public directory in order I can get the software.

PD: We can ftp-ed through X.25

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