Re: Announcing whois++ server

Martin Hamilton <> Mon, 02 August 1993 14:33 UTC

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Alan Emtage said:

> > Hopefully, Bunyip's implementation will be out at that time (Alan?). I
> > would rather see efforts going into a "real" version rather than this
> > experimental thing...
> I hope to have it out later today (I have to split Aug 1 from Aug 2 first
> though :-). Peter and I have to have a reconciliation pass through the
> specs and figure out if what I coded is what the spec says. 

In another place, I recently offered to write a whois++ server.
This was going to be in Perl & using dbm as the database engine!
Since Rickard has beaten me to it I'm thinking about keeping
Perl & using WAIS instead of dbm.

Before I do any work on it, is anyone else working with this
combination !?!? ;-)


PS I think I may also take the liberty of implementing a "quit"
instruction! =8-D