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Hi Dean Throop,

Since your network was down, I'm simply forwarding
an announcement regarding your Internet Draft 
just in case if you might haven't receive this yet.

See below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
contact me directly at 

Best Regards,

Cynthia Clark, IETF Staff

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A Revised Internet Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts
directories. This draft is a work item of the X.25 Management 
Information Base Working Group of the IETF.                           

       Title     : SNMP MIB extension for MultiProtocol Interconnect 
                   over X.25                                          
       Author(s) : Dean Throop
       Filename  : draft-ietf-x25mib-ipox25mib-04.txt
       Pages     : 31

This memo defines a portion of the Management Information Base (MIB) 
for use with network management protocols in TCP/IP-based internets.  
In particular, it defines objects for managing MultiProtocol 
Interconnect (including IP) traffic carried over X.25.  The objects 
defined here, along with the objects in the "SNMP MIB extension for 
the Packet Layer of X.25", "SNMP MIB extension for LAPB", and the 
"Definitions of Managed Objects for RS-232-like Hardware Devices", 
combine to allow management of the traffic over an X.25 protocol 

Internet-Drafts are available by anonymous FTP.  Login with the	
username "anonymous" and password "guest".  After logging in,
Type "cd internet-drafts".
     "get draft-ietf-x25mib-ipox25mib-04.txt".
Internet-Drafts directories are located at:	
     o  East Coast (US)                          
        Address: (	
     o  West Coast (US)                          
        Address: (
     o  Pacific Rim                              
        Address: (	
     o  Europe                                   
        Address: (	
Internet-Drafts are also available by mail.	
Send a message to: In the body type: 
     "SEND draft-ietf-x25mib-ipox25mib-04.txt".
For questions, please mail to

Below is the data which will enable a MIME compliant Mail Reader 
implementation to automatically retreive the ASCII version
of the Internet Draft.

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