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From: (Peter Gutmann)
Subject: Re: [Cfrg] draft-housley-ccm-mode-00.txt
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"Housley, Russ" <> writes:

>IEEE 802.11 has chosen to make CCM the mandatory to implement AES mode for
>wireless LAN encryption. IEEE 802.15 has also chosen CCM for use with
>personal area networks.  In my opinion, this success is due to the lack of
>a patent (or pending patent from the authors) on CCM.  I suspect that most
>of the members of this list are aware that other candidate authenticated
>encryption modes are encumbered.

Is there a chance that it'd be covered by some other patent?  Having 
recently looked at DH+password mechanisms, I'm wary of algorithms in 
fields where multiple overlapping patents already exist.

>It is my intention to publish draft-housley-ccm-mode-00.txt as an
>Informational RFC.  This looks like the appropriate group to review the

If it's truly unencumbered, I'd like to see this as standards-track.  I've
been working on an single-pass encrypt+MAC process draft for CMS for use 
in areas like EDI, but a combined mode of operation would be much nicer.


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