[Cfrg] draft-housley-ccm-mode-00.txt

"Housley, Russ" <rhousley@rsasecurity.com> Thu, 15 August 2002 15:19 UTC

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Dear CFRG:

I would like to draw your attention to this document.  It contains a 
specification for an authenticated encryption mode.  It was designed fro 
use with AES, but, of course, it will work with any 128-bit block cipher.

The authors have submitted it to NIST for consideration as a FIPS 
mode.  You can learn more about CCM and the other proposed modes at the 
NIST web site ( see http://csrc.nist.gov/encryption/modes/proposedmodes/ ).

IEEE 802.11 has chosen to make CCM the mandatory to implement AES mode for 
wireless LAN encryption. IEEE 802.15 has also chosen CCM for use with 
personal area networks.  In my opinion, this success is due to the lack of 
a patent (or pending patent from the authors) on CCM.  I suspect that most 
of the members of this list are aware that other candidate authenticated 
encryption modes are encumbered.

It is my intention to publish draft-housley-ccm-mode-00.txt as an 
Informational RFC.  This looks like the appropriate group to review the 


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