DECnet MIB question (2)

Debasis Dalapati <> Tue, 11 August 1992 22:04 UTC

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Date: Tue, 11 Aug 92 17:16:04 EDT
From: Debasis Dalapati <>
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Subject: DECnet MIB question (2)


Few more DECnet MIB related questions. Please help me out with your insight.

1) In page 32 of RFC1289, phivCircuitOrigQueueLimit has the DESCRIPTION

              "This parameter indicates the maximum number of
               originating packets that may be outstanding on this
               circuit. This does not include route-thru traffic."

   So, should it be part of the phivCircuitParametersEntry? Otherwise, how
   does one maintain this value on per circuit basis?
   Or, is it a common value that is to be used by each circuit? 

2) In page 32 of RFC1289, phivCircuitCountZeroCount has the description

              "When this value is set to 2, all of the counters in the
               Circuit Counter Table are set to zero."

   How does one set the counter of a specific circuit ( not the entire
   table ) to zero?

   The flexibility could be achieved by making this object part of the
   phivCircuitCountEntry object.