[Diffserv] Dscp and DscpOrAny TCs

"Wijnen, Bert (Bert)" <bwijnen@lucent.com> Wed, 05 March 2003 16:57 UTC

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Do Diffservers think that the following is wise and makes sense?

   docsSubMgtPktFilterDscpValue OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX      Dscp
       MAX-ACCESS  read-create
       STATUS      current
           "The Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) value to match
            in the IP packet."
       DEFVAL { 0 }
       ::= { docsSubMgtPktFilterEntry 9 }

   docsSubMgtPktFilterDscpMask OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX      Dscp
       MAX-ACCESS  read-create
       STATUS      current
           "The mask to apply against the DSCP value to be matched in
       the IP packet.  The default for both these objects taken together
       matches all DSCP values. A packet matches this filter if the
       following is true:
           AND (FilterDscpValue, FilterDscpMask) ==
           AND (Packet DSCP Value, FilterDscpMask)."
       DEFVAL { 0 }
       ::= { docsSubMgtPktFilterEntry 10 }

It is defined in draft-ietf-ipcdn-subscriber-mib-10.txt and I'd like
to hear comments from Diffserv experts.

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