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In response to postings from Steve Kille and Jill Foster regarding
determining the need for establishing a new working group to
look at possible integration/co-existence of X.500, WAIS/Z39.50, etc.
The NISI WG discussed the possibility of regrouping for the purpose
of looking at Information Delivery at the last meeting. I'll
attach that part of the minutes for your information:
  6. Should NISI be dissolved?

There was discussion of whether or not NISI should be
terminated at the next IETF and emerge as a new working
group.  We decided to take to the mailing list a
discussion of whether or not NISI has accomplished what
it set out to do.  The consensus at first glance
appears to be that if at the next meeting in March the
RFC has been published and other projects are either
completed or well underway, then the San Diego meeting
would be the last one for the NISI group.  The
related issues of information discovery and delivery
could be handled in a new working group in the User
Services Area which would tentatively be called Network
Information Delivery (NID).

NID is seen as filling a very important and timely need
since, at present, everyone is trying to figure out the
best and most efficient means of locating and delivering
information (X.500, WAIS, etc.).  It is felt that we can
provide critical direction in this area as far as
understanding and application of the various types of
directory services currently available.

Over the next couple of months, then, the mailing list
needs to discuss the questions of whether the NISI
group has fulfilled its charter or what else it has
on its plate, what the charter of this new working
group would be, and various matters related to the
work we've recommended in the NISI doc.  Plus we'll
need feedback and comments on the db security draft.
April and Pat will take it upon themselves to try
to get the discussions going on the list. 
  -- excerpted from NISI WG minutes, Santa Fe, 11/19/91
I will also post copies of Steve and Jill's notes to
the NISI list.  I think this provides an excellent 
opportunity for all of us to work together and avoid
duplication of effort early on.
Pat Smith
Co-chair, NISI WG
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