Re: Suggested corrections to FDDI MIB Version 2.1

dsiinc! Fri, 20 November 1992 20:32 UTC

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I agreed with most of Larry's proposed changes to the FDDI MIB 
document.  However, there are a few additional changes that still
need to be made.

[From Larry's comments]
>(pgs. 14, 23)
>    The SMTSetCount object is optional in SMT 7.2 and not particularly useful
>    for SNMP management and should be removed from the SNMP MIB.

The working group decided this may actually be useful and also 
decided to add LastSetStationID to make it complete.

(pg. 16)
The second sentence of the description for snmpFddiSMTNonMasterCts
is completely wrong and should be removed.  I believe that this 
is a remnant of a global editorial change made to the SMT document 
that got a little out of control.  The offending sentence that should 
be removed is:

    "This number includes MAC instances that are not supported 
    by underlying hardware."

(pg. 19)
The last paragraph of the description for snmpFddiSMTConnectionPolicy
should be removed as it is no longer true.  The polarity of these bits 
was different between SMT 6.2 and RFC 1285, but are the same between 
SMT 7.2 and this document.  The paragraph in question is:

    "Implementors should note that the polarity of these bits is
    different in different places in an SMT system.  Implementors 
    should take appropriate care."

(pg. 24)
I'd like to know the reasoning behind the last paragraph which allows
agents to return badValue when attempt to set to path-Test or self-Test.  
These are mandatory (although undefined) actions in SMT and I don't see 
why they need special consideration.

(pg. 41)
In the SnmpFddiMACCountersEntry SEQUENCE, the first entry is spelled
wrong.  It should be "snmpFddi..." instead of "snmpFdi..."

(pg. 41)
MACNotCopiedCts and MACNotCopiedRatio are currently found in the 
MACCounters group.  If the not-copied-ratio and not-copied-count are 
going to be present, I think the not-copied-threshold (MACNotCopiedThreshold) 
and not-copied-flag (MACNotCopiedFlag) should also be included for 

(pg. 64-65)
Not that anyone cares but me, but could you update the list of working 
group participants?  Our company affiliation has been wrong or missing
since October, 1990.
    Ron Mackey - Distributed Systems International, Inc.
    Mark Wood - Distributed Systems International, Inc.


Ron Mackey			Distributed Systems International, Inc.			531 W. Roosevelt Road, Suite 2
708-665-4639			Wheaton, IL 60187-5057