Re: SDRP working group

Noel Chiappa <> Tue, 17 November 1992 22:07 UTC

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From: Noel Chiappa <>
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Subject: Re: SDRP working group

    If SDRP is going to be developed as a source routing protocol as
    charter (and you also) suggests, does that mean IDPR is 

Huh? What on earth lead you to this conclusion? IDPR is a very diferent beast
(for one thing, it's a real routing protocol) using a different model of how
to do the source routing (with flow setup), and the prime contractor (BBN) is
not working on Unified (i.e. SDRP) at all. IDPR work is going forward; my
understanding is they are getting ready to do a signficant field trial using
the completed implementastions of the IDPR Routing Protocol.