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>to Marcia :^). On that basis, I have to say "no". The most obvious reason
>for this is that it has been six months since the last IETF meeting, and
>there are a number of projects that are out in the open, have posted

We'd be most pleased to provide a gift to Marcia - who along 
with the rest of the stalwart crew deserve it.

This "BOF" was originally proposed as a "presentation" to bring
the agent and IETF communities closer together in this
work, get feedback about what was proceeding in OMB, looking
at missing pieces in IETF, effecting some liaison between
the organizations.  Somehow it became transmuted into a BOF
and entangled in formalities and procedure.

You can see what was being proposed at:

It looks like there may not be a good facilitating mechanism
for this kind of thing; and as John suggests, it may just be 
better for this work to proceed in OMG, and this could be
dealt with at a future IETF meeting.  On the other hand, if
there is sufficient interest and an ability to work around
the obstacles (perhaps with Marcia's assistance), maybe
this can be made to happen in San Jose.