What is going on

mogul (Jeffrey Mogul) Fri, 30 March 1990 19:42 UTC

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Date: Fri, 30 Mar 90 11:42:10 PST
From: mogul (Jeffrey Mogul)
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To: mtudwg
Subject: What is going on

Since I've been asked "is the mailing list broken" I thought I should
make some noise.

No, it's not broken (as far as I know), there just hasn't been any

We plan to meet again at the IETF meeting in Pittsburgh; currently,
MTU Discovery (and Router Discovery, in another shared session) are
scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday, May 2.

Steve Deering is still working on (or perhaps thinking about working
on) a draft RFC for how the DF mechanism would be used.  I'm thinking
about working on how it might be implemented in a 4.xBSD system
(although it would be nice to have Steve's draft spec before I commit
to any coding).

I've also done some experiments which appear to show that NSFnet
routers drop packets with the proposed "RF" bit set.  That would
be fairly important to fix if we plan on using that bit!