Re: A plea for stability

Chris Adie <> Mon, 29 March 1993 11:32 UTC

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Clifford Neuman <bcn@edu.isi> writes (presumably in response to the
creation of the mmis list):

> I get the feeling that the first real test of a resource discovery
> system might be to find the right mailing list on the topic.  There
> are TOO MANY.  It seems that a new one springs up about every two
> weeks USUALLY started by the same people.

MMIS is the first mailing list I personally have started.  I am aware
that the wg-isus has a number of task forces with their own mailing
lists.  Maybe you refer to these, or to some other history of which I am

> Please, let's decide on a single place to discuss the topic.  This
> forum should be stable, not one of these fly by night working groups
> where the group disbands every three months and a new group forms to
> take over where the first left off.

I would point out that the MMIS list has attracted some subscriptions
from researchers in the field of distributed multimedia systems.  These
people are unlikely to join a more broadly-based mailing list such as
NIR (unless it was otherwise quiet), and we would miss their input.

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