A plea for stability

Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu> Sat, 27 March 1993 17:39 UTC

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From: Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
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Subject: A plea for stability
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I get the feeling that the first real test of a resource discovery
system might be to find the right mailing list on the topic.  There
are TOO MANY.  It seems that a new one springs up about every two
weeks USUALLY started by the same people.  Is there some escalating
competition for members, with market share improved by having slightly
different varieties (like shelf space and the cola wars).

Please, let's decide on a single place to discuss the topic.  This
forum should be stable, not one of these fly by night working groups
where the group disbands every three months and a new group forms to
take over where the first left off.

Anyway, this is all I will say on the topic.  I will join such a group
once it exists, but I don't care that much about who maintains it,
or where it is maintained.

	~ Cliff