Erik Huizer <> Mon, 29 June 1992 09:08 UTC

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To: Alan Shepherd <>
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==> From: Alan Shepherd

> The root level probe results are included below.  There is some
> anomaly with the IXI results because one site had IXI probing enabled
> when it doesn't ahve IXI access - these things happen :-)!  It should
> be fixed for next week...

I apologise for the low availability over IXI of the SURFnet Hornero. However
we ran into problems with IAED and sunlink X.25. Last friday I managed to find
time to upgrade to SUNnet X.25 7.0, but I still cannot get it working. As our
DSA manager has finished his studies and graduated last friday, and decided not
to continue working for us, I am stuck a little for personell in this, so
please bear with me a little. I promise things will pick up after summer.

By the way, the Agouti DSA, is from Nikhef in Amsterdam and contained a.o. some
info on Ripe. This one is currently not running at all due to lack of

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