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Subject: Re: root knowledge

>    >You have not told me how I would guess/discover that some DIT
>    >branch is managed by a given DSA without relying on QUIPU specific
>    >EDBInfo.
> Connect to your local DSA.
> Issue a command such as "list c=GB, ChainingProhibited, dontusecopy".
> The operation must fail, as ChainingProhibited is set (unless you DSA
> happens to hold the master c=GB data!).
> The error message returned ought to give you a reference containing a DSA Name
> and DSA Address of a DSA to contact to progress the query.
> Colin

I think we are still not speaking of the same thing, but at least
I hope I am understanding from where our "misunderstanding starts.

How will I feed my local DSA with appropriate knowledge of
the C=GB master DSA?
That is my very limited but by now difficult question!
Up to know I have to rely on mail exchange, just to
be able to feed into any non QUIPU DSA the DSA entries for
all other national masters at least. Which means
we have just now in the process of feeding the french master
with that kind of vital information. Remeber we don't have the replication
used by QUIPU!.

I am not even able to search giant Tortoise for this, because
at least part of the needed information is stored there
within QUIPU specific attributes.

I am able to search for all DSA objects under the root, but
limiting to standard attributes that does not give me
all the required information (I have to read the Description
attribute to try to guess what is the 'role" of each of
these DSAs)


-- PAP