Re: NIST XAPIA archives

Andrew Waugh <> Thu, 08 February 1996 06:01 UTC

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From: Andrew Waugh <>

> I'm having trouble getting a readable copy of the final report of
> XAPIA work from the NIST archives.
> I could retrieve the files, but they all seemed to be corrupted;
> the doc file wasn't in ascii, and my version of word wouldn't read
> either the rtf or ww2 files.
> Does anyone have any suggestions (I'm probably doing something wrong :-)
> or has a readable copy of the file themselves?

I was, of course, doing something wrong. Although I did remember BIN,
I didn't realise that '.doc' was a PC file (oh the joys of being PC
ignorant :-) For some reason my MAC (which should read PC files, and
RTF and WW2) stuffed up the conversion. Oh well, using a PC produced
a readable file.

Thanks to Alexis Bor for pointing me in the right direction.