Re: Formal Document Review

William Allen Simpson <> Thu, 29 December 1994 15:57 UTC

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Subject: Re: Formal Document Review

> From: bmanning@ISI.EDU
> > 	Was there any discussion about how to review Fred's document?
> > If not, any ideas?  It would seem like a good idea to have some level
> > of community by-in on the new document since it is to become a standards
> > track document.
> >
> 	Scott Bradner forwarded this excellent sugestion.
> 	Ideas on how to review this document are encouraged.
We have had some luck in the past with a Chapter by Chapter review, with
say a week or two for each.

Some of our chapters haven't changed in some time, so we could just note
that and move on.

There have to be fairly strict rules about not looking forward or
backward, except to resolve cross references.  Otherwise, the
examination degenerates.  But it can work, given strong leadership.