SMTP problem

Alok joshi <> Wed, 06 November 1996 17:02 UTC

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Subject: SMTP problem
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	we are having some problems with SMTP, sometimes the port 25 of
machine gets blocked ie it refuses telnet and incoming mails are bounced
back.The outgoing mails are also put in the queue at that time.When we
forcibly try to run the queue with following command:
sendmail -q -v it gives the message load average too high and quits.We
have tried stopping sendmail and again restarting it but it also doesn't
help.Ultimately the machine is rebooted and then it works properly
We are having a Sun netra machine with solaris with following details:
Workststion Type:Sun 4/80 (Sparkstation 20)
Operating System: SUNOS RELEASE 5.4, Openwindows ver 3.4
 can you help us out?
	Thanking you in advance
						Alok Joshi