TSIG 4/92 final announcement

Aaron Schuman <schuman@eacces.wpd.sgi.com> Mon, 27 April 1992 16:52 UTC

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		 April 1992 TSIG Meeting
		Mountain View, California

The April, 1992 meeting of the Trusted Systems Interoperability Group (TSIG)
will be held on the campus of Silicon Graphics, Inc., in Mountain View,

TSIG is a forum of computer vendors, system integrators and end users
devoted to promoting interoperability of trusted computer systems.
TSIG meetings are open to all persons who are working in the area of
information security.

The following working groups are scheduled to meet:

	Abbrev.	Working Group Name				Chair
	-------	------------------				-----
	TNFS  	Trusted Network File Systems			Fred Glover
	TX11  	Trusted X11 Windows				Mark Smith
	TSESS 	Trusted Sessions				Bill Griffeth
	TADM  	Trusted System Administration			Vern McGeorge
	CIPSO 	Commercial Internet Protocol Security Option	Ron Sharp

The TNFS, TADM, and CIPSO working groups are sponsored jointly by TSIG and
the Internet Engineering Task Force.

(This is revision 1.6 of the 4/92 TSIG meeting announcement.  It supercedes
all previous announcements, and may be updated with more complete and current

				Aaron Schuman

			(415-335-1901 / schuman@sgi.com)


To get to Silicon Graphics from the San Jose International Airport (SJC),
leave the main airport exit, turn left on Guadalupe Parkway, and proceed
to Northbound US-101.  There is no sign for US 101 and no choice but to
merge onto it from northbound Guadalupe.  Drive 9 miles up US 101 to the
Shoreline Blvd exit.  This offramp comes immediately after the merge with
US-85 traffic.  Make a right exit, then turn left at the top of the ramp,
heading north through the industrial park.

(If you miss the Shoreline Blvd exit, get off at the next exit, Rengstorff
Ave and Amphitheater Parkway.  Turn right, and take Amphitheater around a
big bend to the right, and follow it as far as it goes.  You've just
rejoined the people who aren't lost.)

After about a mile, there'll be the unmistakable Shoreline Amphitheater
on your left - a giant two poled white tent (easily visible from the left
side of your plane when you descended into San Jose).  Another landmark
at the same corner is the charming red abstract sculpture on your right.
Turn right at that corner, onto a named but poorly marked drive.  You're on
the SGI campus.  Park anywhere that isn't a fire lane, a handicapped space,
or a loading dock.  Refer to the campus map elsewhere in this announcement
for directions to your building.

If you set your trip odomoter to zero when you exit the airport, you'll
see these readings:

	Airport Pkwy & Guadalupe	 0.0
	Guadalupe & US 101		 0.7
	odd looking zeppelin hangar	 7.5
	US 101 & Moffet Blvd		 8.6
	US 101 & Shoreline		 9.2
	top of Shoreline off-ramp	 9.5
	Shoreline & Amphitheater	10.2

To get to the Maple Tree Inn from the airport, take Northbound US-101 to
the southbound Fair Oaks Avenue exit.  Fair Oaks Avenue forks and execs
Wolfe Road, but you should bear right at the fork and stay on Fair Oaks.
Turn left at El Camino Real, then make an immediate left into the Maple
Tree Inn driveway.  The hotel is across the street from the garrishly
signed Falore Nissan dealership.  The hotel has an unmistakeable sign in

If you set your trip odomoter to zero when you exit the airport, you'll
see these readings:

	Airport Pkwy & Guadalupe	 0.0
	Guadalupe & US 101		 0.7
	Fair Oaks Avenue exit		 5.3
	Fair Oaks / Wolfe fork		 6.3
	Fair Oaks & El Camino Real	 8.2
	Maple Tree Inn			 8.4

To get from the Maple Tree Inn to Silicon Graphics, turn right from the
hotel driveway, make the first right turn onto Fair Oaks, make an obtuse
left turn at the junction with Wolfe so that you stay on Fair Oaks, turn
left onto the US 101 on ramp, take the Shoreline Blvd exit, and follow
the instruction given above to get to the SGI campus.

If you set your trip odomoter to zero when you leave the hotel, you'll
see these readings:

	Maple Tree Inn			 0.0
	Fair Oaks & El Camino Real	 0.2
	Fair Oaks / Wolfe junction	 2.1
	Fair Oaks Avenue on-ramp	 2.9
	US 101 & Shoreline		 6.8
	top of Shoreline off-ramp	 7.1
	Shoreline & Amphitheater	 7.8

If you plan to fly into San Francisco (SFO) instead of San Jose, your
directions are similar.  Get on US 101 southbound at the airport, and
take the Shoreline exit for SGI or the Fair Oaks exit for the Maple Tree.

I'm not terribly impressed by the hotel selection in Mountain View,
but there's a better hotel with a reasonable room rate in the
neighboring community of Sunnyvale that I can recommend.

The Maple Tree Inn (711 E. El Camino Real; Sunnyvale) has over 40
rooms available for 27 Apr. thru 30 Apr.  The Govt. rate is $56/night
(within the Gov't. per diem) and the commercial rate is $62.
AAA gives it 3 diamonds.  If TSIG fills 20 rooms, everybody gets
the $56 rate.  The Maple Tree includes breakfast in their room rate.

News flash:  the Maple Tree sales manager just offered me a $50 rate
for everybody if we fill 20 rooms by April 20.  Be sure to ask for
the Silicon Graphics group rate.  They don't know about TSIG.

For reservations call 800-423-0243 for out of state, or 800-262-2624
in California.

Thanks to Jeff Edelheit for helping me research hotels.

Map of the SGI Campus

       to the Bay

         |   |     ------     ------          ------     -----         ^
         | S |     |    |     |    |          |    |     |   |         |
    ^ ^  | h |     | 12 |     | 11 |          | 10 |     | 9 |       North
   / v \ | o |     |    |     |    |          |    |     |   |         |
  /     \| r |     ------     ------          ------     -----         ^
   Amph. | e |
         | l |                                                        -----
 --------- i ---------------------------------------------------|     |   |
 Amphith.  n             N. Shoreline Blvd                      |     | 8 |
   Pkwy    e     (the named but poorly marked drive)            |     |   |
 ---------   ---------------------------------------------------|     |   |
         | B |(S)                                                     -----
         | l |                                                          |
         | v |     -----     ----- -----              ----- -----     -----
         | d |     |   |     |   | |   |              |   | |   |     |   |
         |   |     | 1 |     | 2 |-| 3 |     (G)      | 5 |-| 6 |     | 7 |
         |   |     |   |     |   | |   |              |   | |   |     |   |
         |   |     -----     ----- -----              ----- -----     -----
         |   |
                    (S) = Charming Red Abstract Sculpture
       to US-101    (G) = Gazebo

Meeting Rooms

Tue 28 Apr

    8:30 - 9:00

	Bldg 6U, Terminator-2 Room	sugar, caffeine and conversation

    9:00 -12:00

	Bldg 6U, Terminator-2 Room	TSIG Plenary

    1:00 - 5:00

	Bldg 2U, Burgundy Room		TNFS  Working Group
	Bldg 2L, Carmel Room		CIPSO Working Group
	Bldg 2L, San Francisco Room	TX11  Working Group
	Bldg 11, Chabot Room		TADM  Working Group
	Bldg 11, Berryessa Room		TSESS Working Group

Wed 29 Apr

    9:00 -12:00

	Bldg 2L, Carmel Room		CIPSO Working Group
	Bldg 2L, Peninsula Room		TNFS  Working Group
	Bldg 2L, San Francisco Room	TX11  Working Group
	Bldg 11, Chabot Room		TADM  Working Group
	Bldg 11, Berryessa Room		TSESS Working Group

    1:00 - 5:00

	Bldg 2L, Peninsula Room		TNFS  Working Group
	Bldg 2L, San Francisco Room	TX11  Working Group
	Bldg 11, Berryessa Room		TSESS Working Group
	Bldg 11, Donner Room		TADM  Working Group
	Bldg 11, Merced Room		CIPSO Working Group

Thu 30 Apr

    8:30 - 9:00

	Bldg 12, HR Training Room	sugar, caffeine and conversation

    9:00 -12:00

	Bldg 12, HR Training Room	TSIG Plenary

Plenary Session

At the plenary session on Tuesday the 28th, the scheduled talks are:

	David E. Gobuty of Loral Corp.,
		"Engineering And Implementing A Trusted Computing Base"

	Ron Sharp of ATT Federal Systems,
		"CIPSO and IPSO"

	Paul Vasquez of the DIA,
		"DNSIX 3.0"

	Mark Bokhan of DEC,
		"Plans for Trusted Mail on ULTRIX MLS+ (CMW)"

	Steve Crocker in his role as IESG security area director,
		"IETF and TSIG"

	Steve Crocker in his role as TIS engineer,
		"Privacy Enhanced Mail and trusted system interoperability"

At the plenary session on Thursday the 30th, the scheduled talks are:

	Bill Lewandowski of Loral Corp.,
		"TSIG Mail and Archive Services"

	Aaron Schuman of SGI,
		"Planning the Next TSIG Meeting"


By late April, North California is well into its long, hot summer.
Expect daytime temperatures from 70F to 105F, with possible smog.
Wind is unlikely, rain is inconceivable.

SGI air conditions its buildings with a vengeance.  Room temperatures
are not individually controllable.

Who's RSVP'd Already
Aaron Schuman		Silicon Graphics
Jim Fulton		NCD
Ron Sharp		ATT Bell Labs
Wally Ramsey		MITRE
Mark Rowe		HP
Barry Miracle		SCTC
Jim Hurley		Sun Federal
Jeff Edelheit		MITRE
Brian Yasaki		Wollongong
Carl Smith		Sun
Jeremy Epstein		TRW
Lee Benzinger		Loral
Julie Lemoine		MITRE
Daylan B Darby		Boeing
Nina Lewis		Paramax 
Les Fraim		MITRE
Lori Ludick		Intergraph
Mark Smith		ATT
Abraham Lui		HP
Stan Wisseman		Oracle
Bill Griffeth		USL
Michael Higgins		DIA
Paul Vasquez		DIA
Mike Zajdek		DIA
Bill Costello		Grumman
Mark Bokhan		DEC
Mark Christenson	Cray Research
Scott Martucci		NSA
Dean Jagels		SecureWare
Charlie Watt		SecureWare
Nelson Bolyard		Silicon Graphics
Paul Cummings		DEC
Kent Landfield		Sterling Software
Richard Slade		Harris
Steve Crocker		TIS
Doug Barlow		DEC
Ingrid Dampier		TRW
Vern McGeorge		HP
Mark Saake		LLNL
Steven Viavant		Oracle
Chris Chiang		HP
James Lin		HP
Ed Cande		DEC
Ali Golshan		HP
Andy Lai		HP
Karen Choy		HP
Richard Balcon		Oracle