Re: centroid propagation

Hiroaki Kashima <> Mon, 25 October 1993 14:55 UTC

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# I wonder how much I understand what you said... Sorry.

On Tue, 19 Oct 1993 09:25:03 +0930,
     Mark Prior <> said:

>    >  I don't support centroids since it is too difficult to do a complete
>    >  implementation when you are constrained by another system that doesn't
>    >  map into whois++ cleanly. I would attempt to do a partial

>     What type of constraints can be there? I can't image concretely. For
>     example?

>  Well I have another API to deal with and for all whois++ concepts I
>  must try to translate them into X.500 concepts. Whois++ is designed
>  with a WAIS style indexing facility in mind but X.500 doesn't provide
>  access in this way. I must issue typed searches against X.500 so there
>  is no easy way for me to get at all the possible values of items so
>  they may be provided to an index server.

I'm sure there are many types of attribute but is it needed to get
"all" of the values?

>                                           I also have a system that can
>  (and does) defend itself from people trying to "trawl" data from it,
>  so if you send it a whois query like "*" it will return nothing, even
>  though it has had thousands of matches. You must be must more specific.

Is there any problem to arrow "trawl"ing data?

>      >  implementation but unless whois++ supported "maybe" style responses
>      >  this would be too confusing for the user.

>       Is "maybe style" {vague,fuzzy,...?} searching?

>  No, I can do fuzzy searching easily enough via a soundex match. What I
>  am trying to drive at is that I might be able to pseudo index some
>  parts of my data. This means that if I implemented this and my server
>  was asked if it supported indexing it would respond "maybe", if it was
>  asked does it support indexing of surnames it could say "yes" but if
>  it was asked did it support indexing of personal titles it would say
>  "no".

	Hiroaki Kashima
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