mapping between entities and resources...

Manu Kaycee <> Tue, 13 April 1993 19:21 UTC

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From: Manu Kaycee <>
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Subject: mapping between entities and resources...

A recent note sent to the authors of the current chassis mib draft, amongst
other things, raised the issue of mapping between entities and resources.
It questioned the agreement reached at the recent IETF meeting, in that
multiple entities could not be mapped to (associated with) a single resource.
For example, if interfaces were a resource, and a bridge entity and a router
entity resided on the same module, then the current association model did
not support the fact that bridging and routing could occur over the same

I was not at the last IETF, but it seems to be quite a limitation, if our
model is not able to represent a very common configuration.  I spoke with a
co-author, who ensured me that this was the case.

I suggest that we allow (as my co-author defines it, and agrees with me) a
many-to-many mapping between resources and entities, which would include
mapping many entities to a common resource.

BTW, would this also not be required if two different entities on two
different modules were interconnected by a common interconnect
medium (resource)?

Comments, anyone?