[Dhcwg] Re: Change to 'seconds' field in DHCP message header

Ralph Droms <rdroms@cisco.com> Mon, 27 August 2001 13:13 UTC

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(Please note that this message has been sent to the new dhc WG mailing list, dhcwg@ietf.org.  The current mailing lists, dhcp-v4@bucknell.edu and dhcp-v6@bucknell.edu, will be taken off line tomorrow, Aug 28, around 4PM.  I will arrange for e-mail to the old lists to be forwarded to dhcwg@ietf.org for a couple of months.  I will also save the archives from the old lists and make them available on line as soon as possible. - RD)

Another alternative for greater range would be to define the units of the data value to be tenths of a second.  My intuition is that tenths of a second should be sufficiently precise...

Can anyone give us the benefit of experience with the 'secs' field in DHCPv4?  There hasn't been any interest in defining a new option with greater range or precision than the current 0-255 seconds measured in seconds.  Has the range or precision in DHCPv4 been inadequate in any specific instance?

- Ralph

At 10:44 PM 8/26/2001 -0400, you wrote:

>> I think 16-bits is enough (with the counter maxing out). If an attempt goes
>> on that long, no server is probably available and the relays (or servers)
>> will likely long have taken alternative actions (which probably failed as
>> well). So, I see little need to make this more than 16-bits.
>That's a pretty set of suppositions, but you may well be wrong.   Why
>not make sure that it works if you are?
>                               _MelloN_

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