Re: Waiting State Question

Anthony Baire <Anthony.Baire@IRISA.FR> Thu, 19 May 2005 14:43 UTC

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On Jeu 19 mai 2005 14:20, John Smith a écrit :
> Hi,
> When a router comes up it starts the Wait Timer before it elects the
> DR/BDR. It either
> waits for the Wait Timer to expire or it waits for a router declaring
> itself as the BDR
> before it decides that it needs to get out of the 'Waiting' state (it does
> this by
> generating the Backupseen event).
> My question is why does it wait only for the BDR? Why not the DR? It can
> when it recieves
> a HELLO from the DR know that their exists a DR and a BDR. Why not then
> get out of the
> 'Waiting' state?

Hi John,

this is not the exact definition of event BackupSeen. The event is
generated when the router detects the existence or non-existence of a
backup designated router. This can be done by receiving a Hello packet
from a DR claiming that there is no BDR on the network.