[xml2rfc] References feature

dbharrington at comcast.net (David B Harrington) Thu, 29 June 2006 11:44 UTC

From: dbharrington at comcast.net (David B Harrington)
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:44:10 +0000
Subject: [xml2rfc] References feature
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X-Date: Thu Jun 29 11:44:10 2006

Hi Joe,

My suggestion would keep both reference sections anyway.

It would simply automate whether a reference was listed in the
normative vs informative section.
If one of multiple Xrefs to the same document was normative, then the
reference should treated as normative. That is true whether done by a
human or done programatically. 


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> On 29-Jun-2006, at 13:51, David B Harrington wrote:
> > Could an attribute be added to the xref field that 
> indicates normative
> > vs informative, so xml2rfc could sort the references into the
> > appropriate section automatically? At the point one is 
> adding an xref,
> > it should be fairly apparent whether it is normative or not.
> That seems messy. What would be the appropriate rendering for a  
> document that included both <xref target="xxx" 
> type="normative"/> and  
> <xref target="xxx type="informative"/>, then?
> Using multiple <references> sections as is done now seems 
> cleaner to me.
> Joe