Newly revised standards-track RFC

Bill Kelly <> Mon, 21 March 1994 20:52 UTC

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I've sent a copy of the revised standards-track tn3270e RFC to Roger and
Bob.  The only changes since the previous version are:

- dates revised as appropriate

- I copied in verbatim the current version of the standard "disclaimer"
  that the IETF wants at the beginning of every draft (the "Status of this
  Memo" section).  There were minor changes in capitalization, etc.

- the following text has been added to section 8 after the paragraph that
  begins "Note also that Telnet commands may appear anywhere in the Telnet

   The presence of Telnet commands within a TN3270E data message
   (i.e., between the header and the trailing IAC EOR) is not
   supported; neither clients nor servers should send such data.  If a
   TN3270E data message containing an IAC-command sequence (other than
   IAC IAC) is received, the receiver should discard the IAC-command
   sequence and continue processing the TN3270E data message.
   IAC-commands should be sent between TN3270E data messages, with no
   header and no trailing IAC EOR.

Please let me know whether or not the above text is good enough to
resolve the issue of mixing IACs with 3270 data.


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