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Subject: Re: DNS on CLNP RRs
In-Reply-To: Mail from 'George Michaelson <>' dated: Sun, 5 Jul 1992 09:40:27 +1000

> I hope however, that we are going to see some alignment which permits X.500
> to be a "master data resource" and the DNS information for this function
> being updated FROM X.500 
> There are precedents for this, in the use of hesiod to distribute passwd info
> where the DNS is clearly NOT the primary information store...
> 	comments?
> 	-George


at the moment I wouldn't argue about "better" or "worse" in the case of
DIT vs. DNS. Unfortunately ;-) DNS outpoweres the Directory in performance

However, we have spend a few thoughts of representing such kind of info
(about hosts, domains, networks, etc.) in the Directory and started
putting some data in. This should do domain -> ip lookups and vice versa.
Furthermore, several fields for contact person, host interconnection
a.s.o. will provide more info than DNS can.

As none of us (i.e. the "Soft Pages People") can come to Boston next week,
I asked Steve to present these ideas on our behalf in the BOF.
Unfortunately, I missed this item on the agenda (you won't forget, Steve?).

You're welcome to copy a brief version of our idea from
as pub/spp/


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