[Raven] Re: The world is not of one voice.

"chefren" <chefren@pi.net> Mon, 21 February 2000 21:03 UTC

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On 21 Feb 00, at 1:18, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> At 01:44 16.02.00 +0100, chefren wrote:
> > > The IETF has serves us well, its processes are far more effective than
> > > those of ITU or ETSI, all because of its informal, loose-knit
> > > structure.
> >
> >"Serves" or "served", that's the question. The demands of
> >the world are not heard or understood here. Techie problem?
> The demands of Chefren and the FBI are heard, but not accepted here, I 
> would say, while the demands of the ACLU, the EFF, and that US senator are 
> both heard and accepted.
> The world is not of one voice.

However, we do have to live =together= and it doesn't seem 
the IETF understands what's necessary for that.

Unfortunately IETF seems so "weldfremd" that it has only 
hardened old messages instead of looking for alternatives 
and keep more or less in touch with the rest of the world.

IETF could =at least= advise something like "make a law 
that forbids the use of wrong return addresses in IP 
packets. Or do an open proposal to the router industry to 
filter all packets with wrong return addresses out.

The proposed no-saying is useless. With or without nice 


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