RE: [dhcwg] static route option for dhcpv6

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After thinking about this more and after seeing the other discussion on this subject, I'm not sure exactly when or why this option would be needed. But on the other than, it technically isn't needed in IPv4 either because ICMP redirects and other routing table distribution techniques exist and DHCPv4 does have such an option (and a revised one to carry classless routes).
So, we can do one of two things:
1. Include it and consider DHCPv6 as a toolbox and those people that want to use it (and those clients that want to support it) do so. For example, Solaris 8 includes the route command and it supports IPv6 routing table operations. Can anyone who has lots of experience with IPv6 deployment indicate whether there is a need to statically add routing table entries?
2. Wait until someone has a clear case of needing it and have it defined in some future document.
If we do want to include it, questions to ponder:
- Should any lifetimes be associated with the routes? Either one lifetime for all routes or each route?
- Should this option be encapsulated within an IA? That way, it would be renewed with the IA.
I myself am leaning more towards recommending we wait until a need is found.
- Bernie

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This option format looks ok for me. We can include it.