Re: Using X.500 to determine presentationAddresses

"James W. Hong" <> Wed, 19 May 1993 20:58 UTC

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Subject: Re: Using X.500 to determine presentationAddresses
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 14:19:35 EDT

> > We have been investigating the use of X.500 in the Network, Systems and
> > Applications management frameworks for the last couple of years.
> >
> > For those who are not aware yet, I would like to refer to our paper that was
> > presented at the 3rd Int. Symposium on Integrated Network Management,
> > San Fransisco, April 1993, pp. 149-160, which discusses our experience of
> > using the X.500 Directory Service in the network management framework.

This paper is available from [] in the pub/x.500
directory.  It's called 

> I got your paper two weeks ago and I have read it. It is really interesting!
> But I didn't find a lot of work related to the global naming of the network
> elements therein. Ok, I understand that this was not your objective, but
> I suppose you have thought about a global naming schema for NEs.
> Anyone who deals with such an issue as "Integrating the X.500 in the Network
> Management Framework" sooner or later asks for a way to name a NE in the DIT!
> Although your prototype Quipu Objects: csdDomain and csdMachine are enough
> for your experiment (I have defined my own objects for my prototype, too)
> a more standardized schema is needed. Any ideas on such a schema?

Is there anything wrong with global machine names (for the purpose of storing
them in the Directory) such as
	{Country=ca, O=UWO, OU=CSD, Domain=Syslab, Machine=rubble} ?

Am I missing something?

> Cheers,
> Costas.