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It's really a misunderstanding. Avri, pls change back.

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From: "Khosravi, Hormuzd M" <hormuzd.m.khosravi@intel.com>
Subject: RE: 01-8


You definitely misunderstood me, I did not ask you at add all our names
in the front page...just asked you to add our addresses in the
end...what gave you this impression ? I know it's a bit late your time,
but pls reverse this...i did not ask for it.

Thanks and sorry if I said something which caused this confusion,


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To: Khosravi, Hormuzd M
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ram.gopal@nokia.com; Jamal Hadi Salim
Subject: 01-8


On 25 okt 2004, at 01.33, Khosravi, Hormuzd M wrote:

> Avri,
> I am back and here is a list of quick changes...
> Acknowledgments - pls move this to the end of the draft as Jamal
> suggested, doesn't seem fair to the authors I think.

don't see the fairness issue, but i have moved as per your instructions.

> Author Addresses - pls add all our names and address along with yours
> and Remove Appendix A. You can get most of it from the Requirements
> (I am surprised no one noticed this before, including myself:))

can't add the addresses without the header as far as i know - certainly
can't in xml. the only addresses that belong in the address section in
the end are the ones in the header and are the ones that need to be
contacted during 48 hours.

i have added all the names to the header as per your instructions.

> Section 7.1 -> Replace State maintenance msg in the text With Config
> msg
> Replace
>                   |    S.M. Activate FE   |
>                   |<----------------------|
> With
>                   |  Config-Activate FE   |
>                   |<----------------------|
> Section 7.2 ->
> Replace
>                     |   S.M. FE Deactivate  |
>                     |<----------------------|
> With
>                     |  Config-FE Deactivate |
>                     |<----------------------|


> The author addresses moving around is important and fair to all of us
> who have contributed a lot to this protocol.

is this a different instruction the the one you gave me in the
beginning of this note?


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