Re: Protocols over Frame Relay

Philippe Prindeville <> Tue, 20 November 1990 04:42 UTC

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From: Philippe Prindeville <>
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Subject: Re: Protocols over Frame Relay
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> You ought to be able to negotiate a low rate of LQM traffic per link, if that
> is your only problem.  Or skip it, since LQM is negotiable.  You can just
> trust that the FR DCE will supply you with correct up/down indications for
> each PVC.  Note that routers typically have a higher layer protocol that
> ensures connectivity for routing purposes in any case.

In a point-to-point view, it might make sense to have each DLCI be
a virtual link, with an associated virtual interface, which would
have up/down indications based on the state info furnished by the
DCE.  But in a "cloud" (virtual private net, whatever) I would
rather depend on level 3 routing protocols, especially if (a) most
[if not all] of the connected systems are routers and (b) multicast
is provided by the carrier.