[Hipsec-rg] Key Revocation Issue

zhangdacheng at huawei.com (Zhang Dacheng) Wed, 21 January 2009 07:30 UTC

From: "zhangdacheng at huawei.com"
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 15:30:17 +0800
Subject: [Hipsec-rg] Key Revocation Issue
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Hello everyone:

When reading IETF HIP related documents, I found there were still lots of
things left for us to explore in the key revocation issues. Because of
security reasons, the cryptographic key held by a host normally should be
changed after being used for a certain period. In this case, the HIT needs
to be changed too. 

Assume there is a host, A, which has changed its HIT. It may be not
practical for A to notify all the hosts which hold the old HIT of A about
the change, and this can cause several problems. For example, when A
attempts to use the new HIT to access a server which uses the old HIT of A
in its ACL, the request may be rejected. In addition, a user holding the old
HIT will find it is very difficult (if it is possible) to locate A.
Therefore, I think there should be a third party in the HIP architecture to
provide the mapping service between the old HITs and the associated new
HITs. Currently, I am thinking whether it is a good way to achieve this
objective by extending the functionality of Rendezvous servers. DNS can also
be a candidate.

What do you think about it? Hope to get your comments.