Chassis MIB comments

Chris Chiotasso <> Fri, 11 June 1993 20:46 UTC

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From: Chris Chiotasso <>
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Subject: Chassis MIB comments


If the chasPhyResourceTable is meant to be a physical mapping,
I think that is a good idea.  The entity information should be
removed and the indices should remain chasPhyResLocationType, 
chasPhyResLocation and chasPhyResIndex.  This would allow the
user to easily see the physical components of the chassis.

If as I suggest the chasLogResourceTable consists of 4 indices:
chasLogResourceEntityIndex, chasLogResourceModuleTypeIndex,
chasLogResourceModuleLocation and chasLogResourceResourceIndex
you could request 'tell me all the resources currently mapped
to entity y' and also provide a many-to-many mapping for

I would like to present a real example of what I would need to
represent with this MIB.  I do not see how I can do it without
the ability to do a many-to-many entity/resource mapping.

	- I have bridge, IP routing, IPX routing and
	  Decnet routing entities.

	- I have 4 physical ports.
		port 1 is bridging and IP routing
		port 2 is bridging and IPX routing
		port 3 is bridging, IP routing and Decnet routing
		port 4 is Decnet routing

How would I represent this using the current mapping?