Re: Chassis MIB comments (Keith McCloghrie) Sun, 23 August 1992 19:00 UTC

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Subject: Re: Chassis MIB comments
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> Concentrator: A (device implementing a) node that has additional ports
> beyond those required for its own attachement to the network. (Ref.: Kessler,
> Train - MAN - Concepts, Standards and Services).

This seems to me a very loose definition.  To the extent that it applies
to concentrators, it seems to apply equally well to repeaters, bridges, 
or even routers - without redundant paths, disabling any port loses
connectivity from "its own attachment" to somewhere on the network.

> Repeater: Device that extends the geographical coverage of a network by
> interconnecting two similar LANs, such as Ethernet or Token Ring. Operating
> at the physical layer of the OSI layer, it repeats (amplifies, reshapes,
> retimes) packets received from one LAN before sending them to the other.
> (Ref.: Terplan - Communications Network Management). 

The use of "physical layer" excludes bridges and routers, but why are
concentrators excluded ?  Shouldn't it say bit-wise, rather than "packets",
and "one LAN-segment" rather than "one LAN" ?