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> What the registered
> name will be may depend on the ISO rules, and we may have at some stage to
> replace the top level "O=Internet" by "O=ISoc" or "O=The Internet Society".
> But we can assume that such a place will exist.

Not to create more trouble or anything ... :-)

I'd like to keep clear the distinction between the "Internet Society"
and the "Internet". While I'm sure that the founders and members
of the former have the best of intentions, the fact remains that
one is a society of individuals, and the other is a network (or
a super-network) with an existence outside of the society.

While I have no problems with the Internet Society being the
registrar for o=Internet, I do have a problem with the subsuming
of the network into the society by such actions as the listing
of the network's 'property' under a node named for the society.

That said, I do agree with Christian that the ISOC, in their
capacity as 'sponsors' of the Internet, should be encouraged
to register the existence of an international entity called the

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